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Marlene & Diego Samper

(Colombia) 57-350 316 7210

426 30 96 Bogotá

57-311 842 43 92

1 604 628 4497 (North America)

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Calanoa is located in the middle course of the Amazon River, 60 km from Leticia, 1,100km (2-hours flight) from Bogotá, Colombia, 310 km from Iquitos, Peru, 1,160 km from Manaus, Brazil, 3,360 km from the mouth of the Amazon and 3,660 km from its source.

There are public and private boat services to get to Calanoa from Leticia.

70 14 W 3 50 S


Who we are

Marlene and Diego Samper lived in the 80’s by the Caquetá River, in the Northwest Amazon, and now are leading the Calanoa Project in its new setting.
Social communicator, book publisher, and environmental educator, Marlene has promoted indigenous community development through the revival of traditional art. She has led several international groups to Latin American countries exploring its cultures and nature.
Visual artist, photographer, filmmaker and designer, Diego has a lifetime of experience as a photographer and explorer of the Amazon. His work on the Makuna people was published by Smithsonian Institution Press and he was invited to join a team of National Geographic and international photographers to the Ecuadorian Amazon. His work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. As a publisher, with his wife Marlene, he has designed and produced several illustrated books and designed traveling exhibitions. He regularly delivers workshops on Photography, Creativity and Aesthetic Research.

The Calanoa Amazonas Foundation has the mission to promote the conservation of biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon region and the quality of life and development of the indigenous communities around Calanoa Natural Reserve.


Our collaborators

Calanoa wouldn't be a reality without the support, hard work and friendship of our collaborators from the villages of Mocagua and San Martín.

From the design stage to construction, maintenance and operation, everything is done in partnership with the local indigenous communities.




Sustainability Commitment - Social Responsibility

”We recline exploitation, pornography, sexual tourism and any sexual abuse with minor child and we contribute to Law 679 of 2001 compliance”
“We safeguard the country’s Fauna & Flora according to the Law 599 of 2000 Art. 328, any case of traffic will be denounced"
“Say no to the traffic of cultural properties, be careful with history”