Terms and Conditions

Diego Samper- Calanoa Amazonas
is a Colombian Tour Operator with a registered number 41502.
“Client” pertains to all persons named on the booking form, intending to book with Calanoa Amazonas.
A “product” is any service sold and offered by Calanoa Amazonas. All clients will be deemed to have read, understood, and accept all booking conditions upon registering for a Calanoa Amazonas product.
If the client is booking on behalf of a group, it is the responsibility of the client who books and accepts the terms and conditions to make sure all other persons in the group have read the Terms and Conditions and have agreed to its contents.
If the client is booking on behalf of a group, it is the responsibility of the client who books and accepts the terms and conditions to make sure all other persons in the group have read the Terms and Conditions and have agreed to its contents.
Calanoa Amazonas considers a bound contract to have been formed upon the agreed deposits exchanged between the client and Calanoa Amazonas. This comes into existence when Calanoa Amazonas has received a 50% deposit of the total booking and issues a confirmation. Calanoa Amazonas reserves the right to refuse or decline any booking without further explanation. The deposit may vary according to the accommodation or plan being booked and the length of time between the confirmation of the event and the event date. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to the trip.
All products offered are subject to availability. Confirmation of availability is not valid until received in writing by Calanoa Amazonas. Confirmation of a booking can then only be guaranteed on receipt of full or part payment of the event.
Payment may be made via bank transfer or Paypal (credit card). Paypal is subject to a USD 25 surcharge. All payments via bank transfer must be made in USD and exclusive of any bank charges. In the event of errors or omissions in a proposal or where an increase is changed by a change in circumstance, Calanoa Amazonas reserves the right to amend quotes prices with notice given to the client.
Clients can cancel at any time, and the cancellation will come into effect as soon as Calanoa Amazonas receives a written request from the client. We will return 80% before 4 weeks before your arrival. If you cancel between 4 and 1 weeks before we will return 50%. No return will be made if the cancellation is done with less than 1 week before arrival, however the reservation can be transferred to another date. In case of early departure we cannot make any return. In the case of cancellation of part of the group then the same cancellation charges will apply on a pro-rata basis. In the case of group sizes being reduced from the original booking Calanoa Amazonas reserves the right to cancel the booking or change the price according to the number of participants.
We strongly advise bookings should not be made without adequate personal insurance. It is the responsibility of the client to have adequate travel and accident insurance to cover a minimum, but not limited to, the following: all medical expenses, including treatment, transport, and evacuation; repatriation expenses; loss or delay of luggage; and cancellation or curtailment of a product. The clients insurance should not exclude ANY planned adventure activities from the time of booking and for the full duration of the product. Calanoa Amazonas does not accept liability on the clients’ behalf in circumstances where Calanoa Amazonas has provided a product of reasonable standard. A client and his personal belongings are the client’s sole responsibility. It is also the sole responsibility of the person booking to inform and make sure all members of their party have read, understood, and agree to these terms.
The client agrees to pay for any damages caused by the client to the facilities or equipment of Calanoa Amazonas, their employees, and any third parties that provide services for Calanoa Amazonas.
Calanoa Amazonas accepts no responsibility for a participants' failure or late showing for any transport booked with Calanoa Amazonas. In the event of a client being delayed Calanoa Amazonas will endeavour to wait, however Calanoa Amazonas cannot be held responsible if this is not possible.
Product description
The descriptions of products serve as indications only. There may be slight variations in schedules, venues and timings, and also might vary according to weather conditions or rivers water level. Pictures used in all promotional literature to illustrate products are used as an indication only.
Product conditions
Calanoa Amazonas, as a licensed Tour Operator and Jungle Lodge, uses a number of suppliers and providers. Bookings accepted by Calanoa Amazonas are subject to the terms and conditions of these providers and suppliers. These terms and conditions are available upon request by the client.
Personal conduct on all events is expected to be of a good and reasonable standard. This standard is deemed by Calanoa Amazonas and/or its supplier/provider. Calanoa Amazonas and/or its service provider reserve the right to terminate a client's participation or refuse entry if the clients behaviour is deemed inappropriate. In such cases Calanoa Amazonas accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred.
Personal safety
Calanoa Amazonas and its providers strive to maintain high standards of safety. However, Calanoa Amazonas cannot provide any guarantee of the suppliers' safety or performance standards. Some products offered by Calanoa Amazonas might involve an element of risk. Clients accept that they participate in these products at their own risk and will not hold Calanoa Amazonas responsible for any accident, injury, or death. Some providers require participants to sign disclaimers and reserve the right to deem the person unfit for the product. In this case, their judgement is final.
Some of Calanoa Amazonas activities and products are dependent upon the weather. Calanoa Amazonas will endeavour to re-schedule this product, however, Calanoa Amazonas cannot be held responsible if this is not possible. Calanoa Amazonas cannot be held responsible for cancellation of activities due to adverse weather.
Lost and stolen property
Calanoa Amazonas will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises or vehicles. Whilst Calanoa Amazonas will strive to ensure the security of guests’ personal possessions, Calanoa Amazonas cannot guarantee it.
We ask the visitors to be respectful when visiting indigenous communities and to take pictures accordingly, asking for authorization when taking portraits.
In the unlikely event the client has a complaint about any of the product arrangements, the client must raise the complaint immediately with a Calanoa Amazonas employee so that Calanoa Amazonas can strive to rectify the problem. Calanoa Amazonas are not obligated to compensate complaints made after the departure of guests. Calanoa Amazonas liability will be limited to the cost of the sale price of the product.
A deposit paid to Calanoa Amazonas shall be constituted as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Diego Samper- Calanoa Amazonas is a Colombian registered, limited liability company. Any such disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be dealt with by the Colombian courts.