Sustainability and Ethical Policy

CALANOA is a small-scale settlement that strives to develop a self-sufficient way of living that minimizes the impact on the place.

Calanoa is committed with sustainability and the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, recognizing the values of the region and minimizing any negative impact upon them.

We protect our children and teenagers from sex and labour abuse. Based on respect and inclusion standards we generate direct and indirect employment as contribution to improve the local people's quality of life.

Giving fulfilment to this policy, Calanoa improves theb staff's training, capacitation and qualification on specific areas; in the same way we promote in our guests, suppliers and community the sensitizing and awareness about sustainability practices, strengthening a respectful and responsible tourism, and the conservation of cultures and natural environment.

In Calanoa we avoid the captivity of wildlife and the trafficking of endangered species. Please don't take elements of flora and fauna from the region.

Please, take with you the plastic containers and batteries that you brought.

In the trails follow the guide's instructions to minimize the impact of your visit. LEAVE BACK ONLY YOUR FOOTPRINTS.

Rainwater is collected and filtered to provide the water supply needed. We advise visitors to make use of it sparingly. Even in the rain forest, clean, purified water is a limited resource. Drinking water is supplied. There is a limited electric power supply, a hybrid system of solar and fuel-generator. Please, turn off the lights when leaving the cabin.